Student Financials

Unify all student financial transactions.

Bring all student financial transactions into a single system. With Workday Student Financials, you can improve visibility, control, and consistency and free up time to focus on student success.


Simplify financial language and tasks associated with transactions.

Show all student charges and payments in real time.

Log in to just one system to manage all student financial activities.

Workday Student Financials
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A single view of student financials.

Simplify how and where students and administrators view financial accounts. With Workday, you can deliver key information to students and staff on any device.

  • Provide students and administrators with accurate insight into the net account balance.
  • View all financial obligations and take action from any device.
  • Display account information with intuitive and familiar terms.
  • Access student receivables and actuals in real time.
  • Provide an even more complete view of campus financials by unifying with Workday Financial Management.

Streamline financial transactions.

Easily assess charges, apply payments, and disburse a variety of financial aid programs using a robust calculation engine.

  • Automate student financial processes, like charge assessment and financial aid disbursements.
  • Flexibly allocate payment and swap rules to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Streamline business processes for financial aid refunds and more.
  • Use eligibility rules to assign student financial action items, such as the statement of financial responsibility.
  • Configure the calculation engine to assign charge and waiver rules.